Types of Sea Glass

All items that contain sea glass at NARFdesign will also have information on where the glass originated from. Products for sale on NARFdesign.com will mention the type of glass in the product details, and in retail locations, the type of glass is indicated by a letter on the back of the display card:

M – Maine Sea Glass
C – Caribbean Sea Glass
L – Lake Erie Beach Glass

M – Maine Sea Glass:
Sea glass found on the coast of Maine, found either by myself or by a local with good knowledge on which spots to look in. There’s quite a variety of glass that can be found on the Maine coast depending on where you look, at varying levels of frosting.

C – Caribbean Sea Glass:
Sea glass found on the coast of one of the many islands on the Caribbean Sea, found by family members while on vacation (I would looooove that vacation!!). Mostly in greens and whites, this sea glass has a beautiful pronounced frosting to it.

L – Lake Erie Beach Glass:
Lake Erie Beach glass is found on the Ohio/PA shores (an area ranging from Put-In-Bay/Sandusky to Erie, PA) of Lake Erie, either by myself or with help from friends. This glass is the result of trash that was formerly dumped into the lake, and has quite a variety of colors and frosting.